News & Updates

Sold the '79 Ford F150 Long Bed today. We didn't put it on here because we wanted to sell it locally, and it really didn't qualify as certifiably kick ass. After the lackluster response and abundance of tire kickers, we decided to turn the '79 Bronco into a project. I guess everything happens for a reason. Technically it is still for sale, but its price increases with every upgrade and the time invested to expedite it. We'll keep you posted here as to the mods it undergoes and the pictures to show. If you are serious about acquiring it, drop me an email
HERE. Look for pictures to come soon of the 1979 Jeep CJ5 that just went up for sale.

Sold the '68 Bronco today. It's new owner will pick it up tomorrow evening. We feel better knowing it will undergo some renovation and be driven daily. I apologize for the pop-up ads on our forum. I am using a third party forum hosting service and it, well, it just sucks. Never expecting anything online to be truly 'free' I can tolerate a banner or a single pop up, but these guys run the gamut simultaneously. I am currently working to implement my own message board and the conversion should be relatively seamless. We apologize to those subjected to the onslaught.

Saturday - early in the AM, looking for a cup of coffee while waiting in line at the local auto parts merchant. Jumped through many a flaming hoop to unravel the mystery of which carburetor rebuild kit fits the Motorcraft '3DM2' 2 barrel. How ironic it is that having the actual carb tag would impede the selection. Much is learned regarding clerks in general. After finally acquiring the required kit, we also purchase new wheel cylinders for the rear drum brakes. Upon removal of the drums, the ground became littered with miscellaneous springs and shrapnel. It becomes painfully obvious that a total brake rebuild, along with new drums is in order. We're off to see our friendly merchant once again. We picked up all the necessary components except the drum brake bar that must be ordered online. In the meantime we returned to the shop to tear down and rebuild the carburetor. The operation was a complete success; she purrs like a kitty. Looks like the assembly of the rear drums must wait until next weekend.

Our wish has been granted. Bob is now the proud owner of a 1979 Jeep CJ5. It has the 304ci with the T150 3 speed manual trans. We will delve into it in the upcoming weekends. It appears that the rear brakes will be the first item on the agenda. The second will be the malfunctioning accelerator pump on the carburetor. Lest the trend of rebuilding every carb on every vehicle we encounter...

Added 10 fresh pictures I took of the '80 Jeep this weekend. It shows the new tires with the topless flair. Also lowered the prices on both the '68 and '79 Broncos. We never would have imagined that it would take more than a week to sell them. Somebody is going to be pissed they missed out on what we have them priced at. The search continues for a Jeep CJ project. Stay tuned, it won't be long...

Wrong again. After taking inventory of the collection we've amassed, we decided to put the '68 up for sale. The Bronco has been given new plugs, condenser, and exhaust. Freed the manual choke up, cleaned the carburetor and topped off all fluids. The column shift didn't take long to master, but we learned the only gauge that doesn't work is for the fuel. Outside of some bodywork, this thing looks pretty good.

Just unearthed a 1968 Ford Bronco that has been residing in a barn. It has the 170ci. I-6 with a 3 speed manual on the column. Put the top and doors on it and drove it home. We believe this to be close to the rarest of all Broncos, (only 15,000 produced worldwide), and is the last to have the fully removable hardtop. We look forward to delving into this project. Problem is, we might wind up not selling this gem.