who we are
Mike and Bob are two long time friends who live and work in Lafayette, Indiana. Shortly after we met at Purdue University, we discovered a common thread in the love of the automobile. Throughout the years we have helped each other during various projects and restorations. Our hobby has now focused on building and restoring older trucks while giving us the opportunity to spend some time away from our wives.

It all started with a Jeep. In our younger days we both tinkered with hot rods; Mustangs, Trans Ams, Torinos, and even a Honda. I still wanted something that had a lot of power but sat higher and wouldn't get stuck. The search ensued. I decided I wanted an older Jeep with round headlights, an 8 cylinder, and a manual transmission. In the pre-internet age, one was trapped in the confines of newspaper ads and dealer lots. Soon realizing that it was too expensive for a restored model, I had no choice but to acquire a project and build it myself. More details on that
HERE. A good friend of mine decided he had to have a Jeep as well, and while searching for a suitable specimen, we stumbled upon scores of trucks that needed attention and a fresh start.

We set out to discover older, unique trucks that require mild mechanical and / or cosmetic attention, most of which would end up in a bone yard or stored in a barn. We then resurrect and redistribute these vehicles to owners who will appreciate them for what they are. Our motto is simple: To keep these timeless classics on the road and in the hands of people who love them as much as we adore our own vehicles.

We have been doing business online for many years and have great feedback both on eBay and from private parties. Each transaction is unique, so mutually acceptable terms of sale along with delivery if desired, are negotiated independently. We welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions! Also, don't forget to check our News link to stay abreast of current projects or anything regarding trucks.


Mike & Bob